Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling Experts

As curtain walling specialists, we have extensive experience and knowledge fabricating and installing glass frontages to shops, restaurants and other businesses which cover the whole façade of the building.

We mainly use lightweight aluminium frames but can use u-PVC or steel frames to produce sturdy curtain walls that are robust and stunning to look at.

Manufacture and Assembly

V&R Installations can design, manufacture (fabricate) and install curtain walling for our customers as well as for other building and installation companies.

Vertical and horizontal aluminium (other metals where appropriate) frame members are cut to the right length and machined at our tool shop in Birmingham before being transported to the site where they are assembled into the framework.

Fixed glazing or insulated panels are then added as per the design. Panels with opening windows are also an option.

We comply with and exceed industry standards and meet all legal requirements for the construction of this type to produce weather-resistant frontages that are sturdy and modern in concept.

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    What is Curtain Walling?

    Curtain walling is an outer covering of a building where the outer walls are non-structural but are designed to withstand the weather and keep the occupants in.

    Since the outer covering does not support the main weight of the building it can be made of lightweight materials such as extruded aluminium, thereby reducing costs.

    This type of frontage is very popular today and tends to be made of glass allowing natural light to flood into the building. The building façade must be watertight and able to withstand any wind and seismic forces which may act upon the building. Alternatives to glass can be stone veneers, metal panels, louvres and other types of windows and vents.

    Construction of this type has to comply with industry standards and meet with health and safety regulations.

    Many modern architectural designs incorporate curtain walling to produce visually spectacular buildings that have won many design awards.

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